Radio silence

It’s been a while since I’ve last been here.   First a bout of gastro that had us fighting for the bathroom and then lethargically sick for days (3 out of 4 of us violently ill) kept me away.   Then a quick trip across the pond for my hubbie and oldest (leaving me a single, full time working mom to a non sleeping two year old) and then this: 

A call from our daycare about our two year old. Any guesses?  What are the signs the arrows are pointing at? 

Boo for the last few weeks.  Feeling grateful it wasn’t his neck 

Back to school and boobs!

holy moly it’s been a busy…and sick last couple of weeks with our family being hit with one thing and then another.   So while we all recover from the back to school stress here is a stellar article on breast feeding. Makes me feel much better about my quickly shrinking mammary glands all in the name of long time nursing
The Totally Insane Way That Breast Milk Works

Vomit ish

the best part of having food poisoning/gastro is when the last vomit has been had and you know you just might very well survive

That was me last night

Learning to stand again this morning

Hope none of you get this 

Don’t ask your doctor to do this


Real conversation today

Fourth one in sixth months

Four different patients 

Patient: “so I want to get out of my gym contract to go to a different gym”

Me: (inside voice thinking “ok……what does this have to do with me medically”)

Patient: “they say I don’t have to keep paying but only if there is a medical reason”

Me: (in my most chipper voice) “but you don’t have a medical reason”

Patient: “can’t you make one up?”

Me: “Umm…no, sorry”

Patient: (very angry tone)  “Why not?  This is going to cost me like $400 all because of you”

Me: “well that’s called fraud so, sorry”
Anyone else have something ridiculous to add from their own day?